As I have written elsewhere, I believe that the Carpenters’ explosive worldwide success in 1970 was too much, too soon for us; we were young, naïve and ultimately ill-equipped to handle properly all that was required of us.  Karen, though 3 ½ years my junior, dealt with many career problems better than I, although some feel that these, combined with a perceived weight problem contributed to her developing anorexia nervosa.  As a result of all of this, I inadvertently got myself addicted to prescription sleeping pills as early as 1975.  As I did not take any of these during the day, I was able to function well for quite some time, but by 1976, and the making of “A Kind Of Hush” – and the two albums that followed – I now feel I was not at my best, and am not pleased with some of the material chosen, such as Goofus, and Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

Three songs, however, do stand out for me:  I Need To Be In Love with its soaring melody and melancholy John Bettis lyric; this became Karen’s favorite Carpenters song. One More Time by Lewis Anderson, a lovely combination of music and lyric, and Sandy, a lilting original that is perfect for Karen’s voice.


1.    There's A Kind Of Hush    3:03

2.    You    3:45

3.    Sandy    3:41

4.    Goofus    3:09

5.    Can't Smile Without You    3:25

6.    I Need To Be In Love    3:35

7.    One More Time    3:30

8.    Boat To Sail    3:29

9.    I Have You    3:27

10.  Breaking Up Is Hard To Do    2:35


Produced by Richard Carpenter

Associate Producer: Karen Carpenter

Arranged and Orchestrated by Richard Carpenter

All Vocals: Karen and Richard Carpenter

Engineered by:  Ray Gerhardt

Assistant Engineer: Dave Iveland

Mastering Engineer: Frank DeLuna

Special Thanks to Ed Sulzer, Ron Gorow and John Bettis

Tom Scott appears courtesy of Ode Records

Art Direction: Roland Young

Photography: Ed Caraeff

Album Concept and Design: J. Scarkino & Co.


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Last Updated June 4, 2008
May 2004  © Richard Carpenter

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