Our first American T.V.  special, "The Carpenters' Very First Television Special," was videotaped on September 30, October 1 and 2, 1976 and aired on December 8. This track was recorded on September 25 with the vocals being recorded the following day. Even though we employed 24-track recording, the piano and drums were recorded in mono as, once again, it was for television and not to be commercially released. Since I was going to remix the track in stereo for this collection, the 24-track tape was transferred to 48 tracks. Both piano and drums were re-recorded in stereo, Joe Osborn recut the electric bass part, Tommy Morgan was added on harmonica and the whole track was re-sweetened using a larger orchestra. If it were possible for Karen to improve on her original leads to these songs, she does it here, especially on Superstar, playing with the melody more, lingering on the word "but" to great effect.




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