Music and Lyrics by Tim Hardin

This 1966 Tim Hardin folk classic was among the first songs I asked Karen to sing for the "Magic Lamp" sessions (1966 - 1968).  The song worked well for her then, and later for our multi-tracked vocals as well.  With the exception of one 4-track, all tapes from the Magic Lamp experiment were lost in a fire that destroyed the Osborns’ home outside Nashville, TN, where they had moved in 1974.


Allen Stanton Production  /  Trio Music (BMI)
Produced by Jack Daugherty
Arranged by Richard Carpenter
Lead Vocal: Karen Carpenter
Backing Vocals: Karen and Richard Carpenter
Keyboards: Richard Carpenter
Bass: Joe Osborn
Drums: Hal Blaine
Engineer: Ray Gerhardt
From the album Close To You (1970)
Remixed in 1987 by Richard Carpenter and Roger Young
Engineer: Roger Young



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