Slow Dance

Music and Lyrics by Mitch Margo, Thankyouthankyouthankyou Music, Inc. (ASCAP)

Arranged and Orchestrated by Richard Carpenter

Recorded during the same session as was "Honolulu City Lights." I heard this song on Kristy and Jimmy McNichol's album and subsequently played it for Karen, who loved it. It was somehow reminiscent to both of us of song from the sixties and though I had misgivings about the lyric being too "young" we nevertheless recorded it. I'm glad we did.


Keyboards - Richard Carpenter

Bass - Joe Osborn

Drums - Ron Tutt

Guitars - Tim May and Tony Peluso

Flute - John Phillips

Backing Vocals: Karen and Richard Carpenters


Last Updated June 4, 2008
May 2004  Richard Carpenter

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