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A Tribute To Karen

"Karen was such a vibrant spirit in life and it has transcended even death. Her music continues to embody a spirit all its own. Though there may be songs never sung and life not lived, we find that the time Karen spent here was filled with such enormity of talent, such love of family and friends, such a sense of the purpose of living life that we are buoyed by her songs and not saddened.

"Those who knew Karen were touched by her love of Christmas and singing carols. They were moved by her drive to find perfection without criticism of others. Girls were inspired to take up the drums. People were touched by the way a song seemed almost biographical when there is no way Karen could have lived it.

"This page is a tribute to that living spirit. Though you may all have your individual memories of Karen. Let us take this page and introduce those of a newer generation to those who remember Karen vividly and share the person she was."

Contributed by Alana Voller


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Last Updated June 4, 2008
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